Civil Engineer Surveying


A Visual Storyteller

I have had the great fortune of working on some truly inspiring projects while networking with many influential and creative individuals along the way. I believe in the power of working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. For more information about my career experience, past projects, and current work portfolio, get in touch today.




May 2019 - Present

Trained fellow employees on procedures for care to improve guest satisfaction.

Developed management into a financially productive team. 

Handled and recorded sales for a multibillion dollar company.

Received Bravo 2020 reward for my achievements. 


January 2018 - February 2019

Managed health and security of clients unable to do so.
Generated quality reports daily regarding multiple subjects and their updates.
Cared for 10-25 disabled clients each day.




Not afraid to speak the truth


Providing myself with Enough, so that I may share it with others.


Promoted within 6 months to leadership role


Logical forward thinking



Volunteering in Church

2010 - 2014

Mental Health Technician

2018 - 2019

Customer Service

2016 - present

When I was young, I spent some time volunteering in a dental van at my church every summer. Here, we would help those who could not afford insurance with mild to moderate dental complications receive work that they desperately needed. This was my first experience helping those who could not afford to help themselves and I was able to witness appreciation and gratitude firsthand. I learned how little helpful actions can be lifechanging to others. This developed my first altruistic motives. Following this, I began work at a Mental Health Hospital as a Technician. Here I again witnessed grateful individuals who were finally receiving much needed support. Working here I reflected on my time volunteering with the dental van when I was younger, and I realized how intimidating and scary it can be to ask others for help. Little did I know that I was developing the skill of perspective-taking and that this was when I first started being empathetic to others and their plights. Since then, I have worked in a variety of fields and have been developing a worldview catering towards helping others. The majority of my work experience has been in customer service, and I have firsthand witnessed the impact of one’s mood, tone, and word choice on those around them. This helped develop patience within me and I have begun to think more carefully about my words and my actions before I say or do them. I have also developed a sense of empathy for others as I experienced what it was like to be overwhelmed and to have stresses in my life that I had to ignore once I clocked in.



Universal Studios Orlando

2019 - present

Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

2021 - present

I am currently working in a multi-million-dollar tourism industry as I continue my education. Working face to face with individuals from cultures all over the world has helped better develop my sense of self and the differences that various cultures can create within different individuals. I have also developed my communication skills beyond our local societal norms which helps me see my similarities to my friends and families and how those in my community think and operate. This has helped better my understanding of the motivation and behaviors of my local community, both rich and poor. Simultaneously I have been volunteering with the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. Volunteering here a few hours a week has improved my understanding of various priorities of individuals at different stages of their lives. It has also improved my understanding of the importance of one’s setting, as well as their decision-making skills.



Having Enough


Financial Advisement


First Non-Profit


My goal in life is to get to a financial point in my life that I have ’enough’ for myself to be comfortable and to spend the rest of my time and energy helping others in ways I wish I had been helped. This includes but is not limited to financial advisement, charitable donations, volunteering opportunities, and opening my own non-profit. At time of writing my goal is to pursue a career in personal financial advisement and to open my own advising firm catering towards uneducated youth and small businesses. Through this I aim to help others avoid the mistakes I made in my youth, and to better prepare them for their financial futures. Once I have become comfortable financially, I aim to make this firm into a non-profit. Simultaneously, I aim to work towards making changes in public health policy so that medical support is more accessible and available for the needy.




August 2019 - December 2021

Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies         

3.3 GPA


Physical and Social Sciences,

Behavior and Motivational Sciences

Minor: Mathematics


August 2016 - December 2018

Associates in Arts, Chemistry

3.6 GPA


Chemical Engineering





A collection of interrelated courses and how they mapped my development into today.



Metallic Structure


I studied Physical Sciences in order to understand how we operate as a species and to better understand how the world operates. In this field of study, I learned how to draw accurate conclusions, how to break down and learn new concepts, and how to utilize them in my search to understand everyday life. Studying various scientific disciplines, I was able to develop critical thinking skills and a vast understanding of our minute place in the immense world. I also developed an ability to explain complicated concepts in a concise, simplified manner. I can utilize these skills and knowledge to have a better worldview. These skills also help me to understand the larger picture as I understand the various smaller factors that all interact with each other to create the world we live in today, and how to communicate that efficiently to my peers. With these skills I can more easily explain and share with the people in my life in order to lend my knowledge to their experiences in order to help them in any way I can.


I studied Behavioral and Social Sciences because I wanted to develop my communication skills and I believed that I could achieve this by understanding how and why people think and say the things they do. I primarily studied the individual’s behavior, how to model and change behavior, and how this affects the individual’s motivation. This helps me to see other’s perspectives much easier. In studying this field, I developed an understanding of how the brain operates, how we as humans develop our psyche over time, and how our relationships with each other can either benefit or impair us. I studied how habits are created and deleted, and how to identify whether habits will be positive or negative in the long term. This is beneficial to my overall goals as it taught me how to alter and mold myself into the person I strive to be. With this background, I have been able to develop a progressive mindset and a determination to see my goals through. I learned how to organize my priorities at different stages of my life and how to identify what stage in life other individuals are at and what it is that drives them to accomplish their desires. I utilize these skills to develop a better understanding of how my mind operates and how I can use both my mind and my skills to accomplish my goals, and how to share these steps and advantages to others.

Train Station


I studied Mathematics because I have always enjoyed learning various mathematical concepts and I find happiness from breaking down complex problems and solving them in various unorthodox ways. In this field of study, I developed the ability to think outside of the box in order to approach complicated problems. Through this minor, I was able to develop my analytical thinking and reasoning skills which has in turn improved my overall problem-solving capabilities and my time management skills. I can utilize these skills and knowledge to develop unusual methods of accomplishing my goals and methods to analytically approach any problems I may come across in my journey. This field helped form the basis of my interdisciplinary mindset in the sense that I had to solve complicated problems using skills built from various prior courses and incorporate them in new and creative ways.