Statement of Reason

Through the combination of several schools of thought, we can accomplish anything. This is one of the basic standards of interdisciplinary studies. As time goes on, problems in our day-to-day life become more complicated and infinitely more difficult to solve. These issues have evolved into multi-faceted ingrained masterpieces of complexities. A single specialized discipline cannot solve most of these issues very easily. There are several sides to each issue that have to be addressed. This is where interdisciplinary studies come in very handy. As an Interdisciplinarian, I study a variety of topics and fields with the intent of compounding all of my knowledge and experience together to solve these complex issues. By exposing ourselves to these various disciplines, we gain insight on how the broad schools of thought overlap, and even more importantly, where they don’t.

In this life, my goal is to succeed in the most authentic way possible, and to set myself up for success with the intent of sharing all my good fortunes with all of those around me. I do this so that individuals who have gone through similar upbringings as myself can escape the vicious cycle that life can place us into. Over the past decade, I have overcome various challenges in life that could have easily deterred me from my goal to finish college and to develop my goals and values all with the intent of making me my best self.

I believe I can only really make a difference in this world by being a reminder to the people in my life to be kind. Life hits all of us hard. Very hard. Remaining positive, laughing at the little things, and remaining vigilant are some of the qualities that I strive to leave with everyone I meet. I am a firm believer of the working man’s experience impacting overall operations. Through various opportunities I have connected the frustrations of the everyday workers to the leadership branch in order to improve the fiscal company and overall employee satisfaction. Through making this connection, I have left lasting impacts on the way various organizations were run, as well as on the relationship and communication skills between employee and manager.

Using this experience, my current goal is to improve the relationship between the unhoused community and the general public in order to improve relations between the two and to help curtail some of the obstacles that each face in regard to the other. JB.